Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You call THAT a chop? get a load of THIS! Oh, and Yoga.

Okay, it's been so long since I posted that I changed my hair yet again.

I did that nearly a week ago and it's wonderfully easy. I can go longer without washing it and it's fun to wear in class! I also noticed that if I do not color the shaved part of my hair, it stands out more because my natural hair color is lighter (with some, GULP, grays). Therefore, I'm going to refrain from coloring that part. DONE!

How is your 2014 going?

I started the year a few pounds heavier because I didn't hold back over Christmas. It was a rare, week-long break of my routine in which I didn't exercise multiple times a day (just ONCE a day! WHAT?) and ate even more than I normally do. Since I do not struggle with the motivation to exercise, I thought it was fine. I was feeling crappy for the first two weeks or so back on the bike because I seemed, to myself, bloated and awful. Riding my cycling class and other people's cycling classes didn't seem to jumpstart my metabolism, but like others, I realize I simply lacked patience.

Marc had been asking me over and over again to practice yoga with him. We did a power yoga class over Christmas simply because I had no excuse- I couldn't say I was too busy working or teaching. It wasn't fun because we had our yoga mats in a living room and we were watching a video on an iPad. I got discouraged very easily because the room wasn't heated and the "mood" wasn't right.

Last week, Marc made it his personal mission to find a Yoga studio as one can only do so many of the same iPad video/YouTube classes. He tried Bikram Yoga, but who honestly has 90 minutes to spend in 105 degree temperatures? Then he found a place in our neighborhood called Bare Feet Power Yoga ! He loved the small size of the studio, the welcoming nature of the staff/teachers, and of course the class! I was so thrilled for him that he took the initiative to discover a community for himself, go BY himself and dive in. I take that kind of thing for granted within myself. I should praise others for it more often, especially those who are not extroverts.

Marc convinced me to accompany him to Barefeet Yoga ! This was Monday, so I had already taught 6am AND 4:30pm Flywheel and had worked at Reform. However, I had THE most wonderful time. I didn't give myself enough credit in the mind-body realm now that I work out very avidly on the Pilates reformer. I love the athletic, movement-based nature of power yoga. I love the poses! I love the options! I felt very confident in myself, my breathing, my core strength, my balance, and my overall mind-body connection.

Rewind back to where I felt bloated and awful. I felt back to my old self after sweating it out in a hot room for an hour. It was exactly what I needed.

I AM A YOGI!!!!!!!!!! I probably shouldn't proclaim that until I try at least one more class.

It has taken me a few years, but I think I am starting to evolve into the fit person I wanted to be all along. Do I say that every month!?! Maybe! The more new workouts I try, the more I discover how much the body needs each one of them to truly achieve balance and top performance. I am fortunate that I work where I work out so I don't pay for 90% of my workouts, but at just $15 per class, Barefeet Yoga is a place I wouldn't mind frequenting.

Readers, what new adventure are you taking up in 2014?

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  1. Love this post! I wish there were more fun classes to try in Aberdeen :(