Wednesday, October 16, 2013

long overdue - the CHOP

I finally took the time to post pictures of my haircut!

First, I let the side be cut with scissors, but then I got braver and more impatient because it kept growing back so fast that I started shaving it:

Isn't my mom so FLY, by the way?

Anyway. I am very happy with the undercut style because it adds a little bit of edge! I get so many compliments on it from strangers and people I know. I'm going to go back for a trim very soon and add more layers to the bob so it doesn't look quite as bob-ish. I am unsure of what will happen someday when I finally want to grow it out, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I've never been one to freak out about hair.

Shout out to Marc who shaves it every week for me!

Currently I am battling a head cold but classes and work are going very well! I hope all is well in everyone's world...

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